International drilling company ROSDRILL LLC

ROSDRILL LLC – The international drilling company, whose main activity is the exploration drilling wells for solid minerals and rare earth metals.Our company always will respond to your proposals for collaborative research and evaluation of mineral resources.

The environment surrounding us is constantly changing. We are turning these changes into opportunities, and these opportunities into continuous growth. We are also committed to working toward the continued development of the world economy and the international community.

CIS is the largest multi supra-national community in the world, by land mass, with abundant mineral and energy resources, powerful industrial production and excellent human assets. International drilling company ROSDRILL LLC looking for CIS to become a major consumer territory and is one of SC group’s important overseas markets.

What are the main features of our company? International Drilling Company ROSDRILL LLC – is:

  • Professional management, qualified and experienced staff, modern drilling fleet, consisting solely of advanced and modernized facilities;
  • Implementation of exploration on the basis of appropriate permits, which indicates the specialist skills, their ability to perform even unusual tasks;
  • Willingness to dialogue with individuals and legal entities, indifferent to the problems of environmental sphere, implementation of special programs to improve the environmental situation in the areas of work;
  • Sale of high quality exploration and auxiliary equipment designed and manufactured by verified foreign manufacturers;
  • The geography of business: projects in Azerbaijan, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Iran, Africa;
  • Expansion of the list of regular partners (“Dream East», Geotechreserves, Azerbaijan global logistic, etc.) and customers (“EJ Baley,” “Afro-Asia», AIMROC, Caucasian Mining Group Ltd., Etc.).
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One of the priorities of International drilling company ROSDRILL LLC is the protection of the environment. The company has a policy of transparency in the environmental field, maintains an open dialogue with interested parties on issues related to the environmental aspects of industrial activity.

In the field of industrial health and safety International Drilling Company ROSDRILL LLC is guided by the requirements and norms of international law. To create a safe work environment to its employees, as well as to minimize the risk of emergencies and accidents The company uses the latest technology and the most modern production methods.

International Drilling Company ROSDRILL LLC is engaged in the supply of drilling equipment and tools exploration companies and organizations on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mongolia People’s Republic and the Russian Federation.