Geology and drilling

The main specialization of the Company is the core drilling of wells. The use of advanced technologies in the field of core drilling allows to provide a core yield of at least 95%, and thanks to the use of stabilizing expanders, the deflection of the barrel is controlled from a given direction.

  • Drilling of geological prospecting wells from BQ to PQ in diameter up to 2000m deep, both from the surface and from underground mines
  • Preparation of access roads and drilling sites
  • A complex of geophysical studies in the wells in the exploration of uranium, gold, copper, coal, iron, etc., as well as ground geophysical operations (high-precision magnetic prospecting, electrical prospecting, gamma spectrometry)
  • Work on geological documentation and testing during drilling and mining operations, processing of obtained geological exploration materials
  • Hydrogeological and engineering-geological studies of objects
  • Creating electronic databases
  • Drawing up of design and estimate documentation.

Drilling fleet

The company's drilling fleet consists of 10 self-propelled crawler drilling rigs, equipped with imported drilling rigs from Canadian manufacturers Boart Longyear Inc., Atelier D'Or, AUSROC (LF-90, LM-55/75, VD-5000,1600HD ). The units are designed for both surface and underground drilling and allow drilling wells up to 2000 meters deep in virtually any natural and climatic conditions. There is all necessary auxiliary equipment, mobile residential and household complexes.

Technical capabilities of the company

Organizational and technical capabilities allow our company to perform drilling operations in the amount of 100-130 thousand linear meters per year with a whole range of auxiliary works, including the construction of access roads and sites, construction of temporary shift camps, as well as the whole complex of ground mining operations, with quality , Meeting the highest world standards.

Exploration work

At present, the specialists of the international drilling company ROSDRILL LLC have developed an innovative guided directional drilling technology that allows to significantly improve the drilling process itself and optimize costs as much as possible.

In the field of field works the Company is ready to deploy workshops for sawing cores, sample preparation (crushing and abrading of geological samples). Rapid acquisition of analytical data allows us to promptly produce geological control and reliably isolate and delineate the intervals of ore bodies.