Drilling fleet

The drilling fleet of the international drilling company ROSDRILL LLC today consists of modern imported drilling rigs: Atelier Val D'or (Canada), Boart Longyear Inc. (Canada) Sinocoredrill Group Co., Ltd (China). These units are designed for surface drilling with a core yield of not less than 95-98%, with corners of felling from 45 to 90 degrees and depths up to 2000 meters. The drilling rigs are mounted both in mobile insulated hulls and on a self-propelled wheel and gosnenichnoy base, which allows you to carry out work at any time of the year in any climatic, geographic, landscape and mining-geological conditions. A wide range of auxiliary equipment and equipment makes it possible to organize works both in areas with highly developed infrastructure and in remote areas with remote access to the organization of autonomous camps.

The drilling park is provided with auxiliary technological equipment (clay stations, waterways, reserve power stations, technical assistance vehicles, tractors, technological transport, etc.). The whole drilling rig fleet is provided with a Boart Longyear drilling rig NQ (Ø-76mm), HQ (Ø-95mm), and PQ (Ø-125mm) drill.