The main direction is geological exploration work

  • Drilling of exploration wells from BQ to PQ in diameter, up to 2000m in depth, both from the surface and from underground mines
  • Preparation of access roads and drilling sites
  • A complex of geophysical studies in wells in the exploration of uranium, gold, copper, coal, iron, etc., as well as ground geophysical operations (high-precision magnetic prospecting, electrical prospecting, gamma spectrometry)
  • Work on geological documentation and testing during drilling and mining operations, processing of obtained geological exploration materials
  • Hydrogeological and engineering-geological studies of objects
  • Creating electronic databases
  • Preparation of initial materials for the development of feasibility studies, TED
  • Drawing up of design and estimate documentation

Integrated Engineering Surveys

  • Engineering and geological surveys
  • Engineering and geodetic surveys
  • Engineering-hydrometeorological surveys
  • Engineering and environmental surveys
  • Work as part of engineering and geotechnical surveys

Engineering surveys are conducted by Company specialists

  • Complex engineering surveys at mining and industrial enterprises (quarries, ore-dressing plants, sections, mines)
  • Prospecting works for the construction of technically complex structures (tunnels, bridges, main pipelines)

Principles of Operation

  • Full compliance of the work performed with the current regulatory framework for each type of survey at all sites, including specific sectoral and territorial requirements
  • Compulsory licensing of activities (presence of SRO required for work)
  • Continuous staff training, application of the latest methods of work, software, computer and instrumentation

The Company's main principles for drilling high-quality hydro-geological wells

  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Control and regulation of drilling fluid parameters during drilling
  • Trouble-free drilling of wells
  • Reduction of metal consumption of wells due to exclusion of intermediate technological columns
  • A significant reduction in the time taken to open and develop the aquifer
In the course of mining operations, International Drilling Company ROSDRILL LLC performs an extensive set of field geological and geophysical studies aimed at the rapid identification, delineation and evaluation of ore objects of minerals. >

The company carries out topographic surveying

  • Binding of wells and mine workings
  • Large-scale topographic survey of the terrain
  • High-precision satellite navigation equipment is used
Using portable X-ray fluorescent analyzers Innov-X, our specialists can perform lithochemical searches for deposits at a scale of 1:50 000 - 1: 10 000 and create working maps of halos of forecasted ore objects in the shortest possible time. Measurements of chemical element concentrations can be made either directly at observation points or in lithochemical samples brought to a field camp. Expert construction of electronic working maps of lithochemical halos is possible in the environments Mapinfo, Surfer, ArcGis.

ROSDRILL LLC also performs geological documentation of the core (layered and geomechanical description, photodocumentation, compilation of electronic databases), X-ray fluorescence core measurement for 20 elements by the Innov-X instrumentation, logging geophysical studies (up to 5-7 or more logging methods ). Based on the analysis of complex information, ore zones are quickly allocated and intervals for ore sampling are outlined. Complex information is reflected in geological columns built in electronic form. Operative analysis of geological information allows 3-5 times to reduce the number of sampled samples and subsequently reduce the number of laboratory tests. The performance of complex documentation reaches 4,000 or more meters of core per month.

In the field of field works the Company is ready to deploy workshops for sawing cores, sample preparation (crushing and abrading of geological samples). Rapid acquisition of analytical data allows us to promptly produce geological control and reliably isolate and delineate the intervals of ore bodies.

The main specialization of ROSDRILL LLC is the core drilling of wells. The use of advanced technologies in the field of core drilling allows to provide a core yield of at least 95%, and thanks to the use of stabilizing expanders, the deflection of the barrel is controlled from a given direction. For operational control as a navigation equipment for the drilling of inclined wells, the specialists of the International Drilling Company ROSDRILL LLC use the EZ-Shot device, which allows to determine the location of the well in space with maximum accuracy.

To increase the stability of the walls of wells when drilling over intensively fractured rocks and reduce friction at high rotational speeds of the projectile, the company has the necessary reagents and lubricants from Baroid (one of the world's leading manufacturers of effective additives to drilling muds): Bvitoporoshok "Quick Gel, polyanionic cellulose Quik-Trol Gold and Quik-Trol LV, polyacrylamide EZ-MUD DP and ALCOMER, linseed soap for Core-Lube core lubrication, IDP-214 drill pipe lubricant, Z-50 thread lubricant, plugging materials N-Seal, Diamond Seal and Drilling Paper.

Triple core tubes are used to select samples of undisturbed addition, as well as EZY-MARK orientators for core orientation.

Currently, the specialists of the International Drilling Company ROSDRILL LLC have developed an innovative guided directional drilling technology that allows to significantly improve the drilling process itself and optimize costs as much as possible.