International drilling company ROSDRILL LLC characterizes its personnel as professionals in its field. There is a constant replenishment of young geologists.

Staff is a key resource for development. The value of human life is the main priority when the Company interacts with employees, therefore, occupational safety is paramount. Before ROSDRILL LLC are large-scale and complex strategic tasks, the solution of which directly depends on the motivation of employees for effective work, as well as on their professional and personal development. Motivation implies modern comfortable working conditions, a wage system that can provide a decent level of income, which in turn depends on the effectiveness of the worker's work, a sufficient level of social benefits. Professional and personal development is carried out through the Company's training and career promotion systems.

The international drilling company ROSDRILL LLC set its priorities in the field of personnel management within the framework of the general course for the implementation of international projects and expansion of its activities in complex geographic conditions:
  • Ensure the availability of highly qualified personnel capable of supporting the sustainable development of the Company using advanced approaches in technology and management;
  • Provide high motivation for staff to increase efficiency and achieve team results;
  • Ensure the attraction of young talented specialists to the Company;
  • Ensure the preservation and use within the company of the best experience and knowledge sharing;
  • Create a corporate culture that ensures long-term employee loyalty to the Company and its attractiveness to the best managers and specialists in the labor market;
  • Ensure the social security of staff and their families.