Crawler bulldozer Shantui SD 32

The variety of construction works requires more and more universal, powerful equipment, capable of doing a huge amount of work at minimal cost. With such problems, as it can not be successfully, the heavy bulldozer of Chinese manufacture Shantui SD 32 manages.

Created by the technology of the world's leading manufacturer of road construction equipment Komatsu, Japan, Shantui SD 32 is the crown of engineering and design thought of the concern Shantui.

Equipped with a powerful American engine Cummins capacity of 360 hp, the bulldozer has a working speed of 11 - 13 km / h, which in combination with a mass of 37 tons. And a prism drawing about 5 cubic meters. Makes it unique in its kind.

The high productivity and great maneuverability of the machine allows the use of the Shantui SD 32 on any construction site, in a quarry, in the construction and repair of roads, melioration and reclamation, the "stripping" of heavy soils, ground movement and site planning, and many other jobs requiring the use of such a Techniques.

Particular attention should be paid to the exhaust turbocharger, which makes it possible to use the machine in mid-mountain conditions (3 000 m - 3 500 m), where many other models are not possible with a reduced oxygen content in the air.

Technical specifications of the Shantui SD 32

Model SD32
L×W×H(Without ripper) mm 6880×4130×3725
Operating weight (without ripper) Т 37.2
Engine Cummins NTA855-C360S10
Rated power kW/RPM 235/2000
Deepening of the blade mm 560
Raising the blade mm 1 560
Number of supporting rollers (on each side) 2
Number of track rollers (on each side) 7
Number of tracks (on each side) 41
Track Width mm 560
****(калея) /td> mm 2 140
Length and ground pressure mm/МПа 3150/0.105

Crawler bulldozer Shantui SD 16

Bulldozer shantui SD16 - the most common model of bulldozers of the middle class in the Russian market. It is designed for leveling and moving soil and various loose materials, digging and foundation pits, cleaning roads from snow, etc.

The scope of this bulldozer Shantui SD 16 is so extensive that it can be seen both on various construction sites and on farming grounds.

With a total mass of 17 tons, it has a 160-horsepower engine, which distinguishes it among its counterparts in this class. The bright, fast and powerful bulldozer Shantui SD 16 makes it possible to perform work of various complexity due to a wide range of attachments, which makes this machine truly universal.

Bulldozer Shantui SD 16 is equipped with a hydraulic drive and a hydraulic control system. This allows you to stabilize the technique when working on loose soil.

The original design of the cabin in combination with the use of noise-absorbing materials make it possible to make the work of the operator-mechanic comfortable and effective.

Technical characteristics of the Shantui SD 16

Model SD16
L×W×H(Without ripper) mm 5140×3388×3032
Operating weight (without ripper) Т 17
Engine Shangchai/Weichai
Rated power kW/RPM 120/1850
Deepening of the blade mm 540
Raising the blade mm 1 095
Number of supporting rollers (on each side) 2
Number of track rollers (on each side) 6
Number of tracks (on each side) 37
Track Width mm 510
Ширина колеи mm 1 880
Length and ground pressure mm/МПа 2430/0.067