Management determines the success of the operations of any large company and depends on the ability of managers to combine many talented and ambitious professionals in effective team. This requires the heads of the International Drilling Company ROSDRILL LLC superior managerial skills and "political talent".

General management of the company comprises organizational functions

  • Organization the formation of the most acceptable organizational structure in accordance with the strategy of the company, with each employee of the company must best meet the production requirements for it;
  • Management management of the company, the implementation of plans, the transformation of the latter into production duties for the middle and lower level of employees and other employees of the company, stimulating quality work. It should be noted that one of the management problems is the ability to choose the right management style;
  • Control ensuring proper performance of work by all elements of the organizational structure. Monitoring systems serve to measure the quality and quantity of work done. The main element of the control function is the presence of feedback between the information obtained about the results of work and the corresponding plans, standards, norms, so that the deviations are analyzed and eliminated
  • Coordinate the unification of the whole effort of each element of the organization. Technical methods of coordination are budgetary compliance, regular meetings, conferences, meetings of various commissions. Proper coordination requires a developed communication system.

Management at the level of division or department

  • Setting goals and objectives setting tasks and objectives at the department level in accordance with the general objectives and objectives of the corporation
  • Organizing the work of the department (creating a structure, assigning responsibilities, resolving conflicts)
  • Management of production activities to implement the plan, to stimulate the qualitative work of the staff of the department, coordinate the production process within the department, ensure proper communication.